Resident Places Launches Facebook Coupon Reveal Tab for Apartments

Resident Places Launches Facebook Coupon Reveal Tab for Apartments

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Resident Places Launches Facebook Coupon Reveal Tab for Apartments

Philadelphia, PA January 9, 2013Resident Places has expanded its local coupon amenity program.  We now offer participating communities a reveal tab for their community Facebook pages loaded with co-branded local coupons that can be printed and shared by their residents and prospects.

Resident Places ( is pleased to announce the launching of our new Reveal Tab for Facebook that allows participating apartment communities to place hyper-local coupons on their Facebook page for their residents and prospects.  The coupons are easily printed and shared directly for the social site of each individual community. 

The Resident Places Coupon Reveal Tab will support the social activities of apartment communities by providing them with valued content that will generate more likes, more shares, referrals and recommendations, and increase visit frequency by their residents and prospects.

Resident Places President TJ Goulet stated, “We are very excited about the prospect of supporting our client’s endeavors to build a robust and active social network with their residents.”  Goulet went on to say, “Coupons have both real and perceived value to residents and the cobranded printed coupon increases our client’s reach into their local neighborhoods.  Resident Places is a win for residents, for local businesses and, most importantly, a win for the participating apartment communities.”

Coupons, deals and giveaways have the highest response rates and share rates on Facebook.  An Exact Target Survey showed that the top two reasons Facebook users like a fan pages was to get discounts (40%) and freebies (36%).  Wildfire Interactive reported that coupons had a 49% response rate and a 34% share rate among 10,000 Facebook campaigns surveyed.

Increasing Facebook “Likes” improves brand loyalty and referrals according to a survey by  They surveyed 4,000 Facebook users for 20 top brands and found that Facebook Fans are 28% more likely to stick with a brand and 41% more likely to recommend a brand than non-fans.

About Resident Places

Resident Places is an amenity program for residential and mixed use properties that delivers property branded, hyper-local coupons.  These neighborhood deals enhance current resident retention initiatives, while augmenting community outreach to local businesses.   Every coupon printed through the property specific co-branded portal includes the name of the property and are shareable via social networks like Facebook and Twitter.  The Resident Places call center handles all sales and service activities related to the coupons and target businesses that are in close proximity to each property ensuring that they represent the businesses most desired and used by residents.

Property Managers interested in offering Resident Places to their residents should contact Rob Remus at (484) 474-0590 or by email at  Learn more at



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